Staff Augmentation & Dedicated Teams

Minimize recruitment time and get straight to the work that is truly important—developing and launching your software. Aficionar has an in-house team of 24+ developers with expertise in hard-to-find niches. This is the quickest way to fulfill your long-term development needs.

The demand for talented development and IT teams is higher than ever but sourcing candidates individually is costly in time and resources. Therefore, short and long-term dedicated teams have become an imperative staffing supplement for many enterprise companies and well-funded startups.

Aficionar’s staff augmentation service expedites companies through the traditional staffing process and provides these sought after developers from our in-house technical talent pool. Here are some benefits we provide for organizations seeking to overcome the shortage of talent and scale their way towards production:


An in-house team of over 20 software professionals with a breadth of experience in .Net, Java, iOS, Android, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Ruby, Scala, AWS, Xamarin, python, C++ and many other in-demand technologies.


Your new dedicated team becomes part of your daily scrum and follows an Agile methodology that allows for resource adjustments throughout the production cycle. You can scale your dedicated team up or down as needed if utilization changes.


You can choose to have a team on-site, off-site, or a combination of the two. The last option includes a team that works on-site with you during local hours and when your business day ends, our off-site developers in Europe will pick up where you left off.


We carefully source, hire, train, and provide benefits and payroll for all of our talented employees. When Aficionar handles the recruiting process and all related administration costs, you save up to 55%.


We’re not your typical outsourcing firm; more than 70% of our engineers have advanced post-graduate computer science degrees in the most high-demand technologies.



A team of top engineers dedicated solely to your business needs.


We take care of all HR and administrative costs.


Carefully sourced and tested developers who integrate seamlessly with your in-house team and infrastructure.


We handle all off-site arrangements so you don’t have to worry about providing IT support, housing, or work stations for your off-site team.


Pay for the resources you need when you need them.


You can tap into a pool of project knowledge beyond that of your dedicated team. Nine years of development at Aficionar means you have access to quite a few of our valuable insights.

Is your current solution less than ideal? We can help with resources ready to jump in and roll up their sleeves.

Bridge between staff aug service and other services. What if you have other problems besides manpower? We can also help with design, enterprise app dev, consulting


We source only the best candidates to join the Aficionar team. Over 65% of our in-house developers have earned post-graduate computer science degrees to meet the needs of the ever-evolving tech industry.

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  • Ph.D's1%
  • Master's65%
  • Bachelor's34%


We source for experience and relevancy; the skills our clients need most are the ones we have in ample supply.


  • Java
  • .NET
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • C++
  • Mobile


  • Enterprise
  • Web/SaaS
  • High Load
  • Cloud Scale
  • Microservices/SOA
  • IaaS/PaaS
  • Mobile


  • SPA/Advanced UI
  • Framework based UI
  • UI/UX
  • Full stack applications (Node, React)
  • Hybrid applications (web/mobile/desktop)


  • Native Apps
  • Media
  • Cross Platform
  • Mobile focused server side
  • Hybrid (JavaScript based mobile apps)
  • Wearable/IoT


  • Operations
  • HDFS Based
  • Non HDFS Based
  • Streaming
  • Solutions


  • Automation
  • Cloud Scale IT
  • Big Data Infrastructure
  • Software Defined Networks


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